An international non-profit musical association that seeks to open new sides of music, by working together with professionals in these fields.
We aim to add value to music by popularization and opening new fields of musical culture.
Aims and tasks:
– popularize and tell society about unfamiliar or forgotten facets of music.
– raise the cultural level of society.
– development and implementation of our own creative and cultural educational programs and projects, independently or jointly with Spanish and foreign organizations, institutions, church and cultural figures, etc .;
– participation in the implementation of state, commercial and other social and cultural programs and projects;
– conducting music competitions for children;
– creation of cultural and educational programs and projects for children and youth;

– organizing and conducting unique projects, festivals, concerts, performances, exhibitions and other cultural and entertainment events;
– support and implementation of programs and activities in the fields of education, education, science, culture, art, aimed at promoting the cultural, spiritual and intellectual development of man;